Friday, October 24, 2014

2014-2015 Session 

This is Halloween... Robotics!

This time, we discussed Animatronics and the "Uncanny Valley."

We began working with Arduino microcontrollers, and made our first circuits to create color-changing eyes for Jack O' Lanterns.


Click HERE for the Session 2 Handout (PDF)
(Note: A PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, is needed to view this file.)

Click this link to go to the download page for the Arduino programming software.
Click this link to download the code used in this month's project.

I encourage you to check out the Sources page at the end of the Handout, especially the YouTube videos at the end:

Pierre Jaquet-Droz’s Robot Boy, circa 1768 -
Everything You Need To Know About Arduino -
Arduino PWM RGB LED Colour Fade Program -

Next time: electronic music from pencils.

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