Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014-2015 Session 1

Welcome back and welcome all, old and new friends, to our second year with 4H Robotics!

As each session nears, I will be uploading the handout files here in case someone misses anything or wants to try to work on their own.

For this first session, all you really need is a battery pack (4 AA batteries is what we used), a resistor (220 Ohm preferred) and an LED.

Click HERE for the Session 1 Handout (PDF)
(Note: A PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, is needed to view this file.)

Feel free to check out the Sources page at the end of the Handout; there's a bunch of interesting links about robotics and electronics for you to explore!  (I suggest starting from the bottom and go up.)

Next time: we light up the night for Halloween.

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